Christmas is right around the corner, so don’t forget to bestow gifts on your loved ones. If you’ve accidentally skipped Christmas shopping this year, don’t worry, Gemtech has you covered. We’ve compiled a list of our best sellers this year.



Shooting 22 is incredibly fun. Imagine having less recoil, better sound reduction, and an easy-to-clean suppressor. We can help make that a reality with our Gemtech GM-22. The unique G-Core
design enables the user to easily maintain their silencer while still providing the best noise reduction in the industry.



Our unique take on a, “one-size-fits-all,” concept. With caliber ratings from short 5.56 full-auto to 300WM, it’s the only rifle suppressor you’ll ever need! Made of Titanium and Inconel. Not only
does it perform to SOCOM standards, but it won’t weigh down your overall set-up.

22 QDA


Getting tired of screwing cans on and off your favorite rifle? The GEMTECH 22 QDA is a universal adapter for all rimfire silencers that allow attachment and detachment quickly and efficiently. The four lug muzzle device is threaded ½-28 to mount on all standard rimfire threaded barrels for maximum compatibility. The QDA mount is threaded ½-28 for use in all rimfire silencers in 22LR and 22MAG. The 22 QDA will allow you to switch firearms quickly and still maintain complete control.

.22LR Ammo


If you have a GM-22, you need ammo to go with it! Our .22lr ammo is designed to be shot through suppressors. Putting together a heavier bullet, a cleaner powder, a premium lube on the lead round nose projectile gave us consistent velocities and harder hitting performance at subsonic, suppressor-friendly speed. Please check with your state laws before purchasing ammo.

Flash Hider


The GEMTECH flash hiders are the culmination of user feedback, extensive testing, and decades of experience. The new flash hiders are more aggressive than ever to cut down on carbon build-up
in your suppressor and to prevent it from getting stuck.

Muzzle Brake


The new GEMTECH Muzzle Brake is for users who want less felt recoil, less muzzle climb, and faster follow up shots, this is the device for you.

Deck your halls with our military-grade equipment. Don’t show up to your loved one’s house empty handed, and choose Gemtech this Christmas season.

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