Pistol silencers are arguably the most important silencers regarding hearing loss. When shooting a pistol, the end of the muzzle is so much closer to your ears, and you’re bound to use a lot of ammunition at the range. In that context, pistol silencers are helping the largest amount of people. But they are also fun. A silenced pistol has both the majority of sound and recoil mitigated, making pistol shooting more enjoyable and easier. This creates an ideal learning environment.

Many, if not most, modern pistol silencers are capable of use across multiple platforms and pistol calibers. This encourages the use of pistol silencers. GEMTECH pistol silencers are lightweight, easy to use, easy to clean and maintain, and are very accurate, which further encourages their frequent use. Most pistol silencers can be shot wet or dry, and some pistol silencers are modular. There is an ideal product for every consumer based on the wide variety and innovation of GEMTECH’s pistol silencer line.

GEMTECH has two categories of pistol silencers: G-Core and traditional baffle stack. The G-Core silencers are the lightest and easiest to maintain of all silencers in their category. The traditional baffle stack design of GEMTECH silencers are designed to be easily disassembled for maintenance and offer an alternative to our G-Core line.

With GEMTECH’s innovation of lighter weight with shorter pistol silencers, GEMTECH is setting a precedent for on-duty weapons being carried with silencers by our venerable police and military service members.

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