The tracker was originally designed as a project for foreign partners in the middle east. That design is adapted to fit a role that no other silencer currently occupies. That role is the small and extremely lightweight, accurizing hunting silencer.

The tracker is rated for 300 wm, is a direct thread only, and the lightest 300 wm can. These qualities make the can ideal for hunting. How many hunters have taken a shot without wearing hearing protection? The tracker’s fundamental design is about hearing conservation when you need it the most. The tracker also helps you hear game more clearly, as you aren’t wearing any hearing protection. The tracker is an accurizing silencer; it is proven to make a bolt rifle measurably more accurate. It is also the mother of all muzzle brakes. On a typical bolt action rifle in 300 wm short, it will tame the recoil down to sub .308 win levels.

The tracker’s composition is military-grade 7075 aluminum. Because the primary construction material is an aluminum alloy, the silencer is designed for bolt action rifles or slow, accurate shots.

There are no con’s using this silencer on a hunting rifle, only a large list of pro’s. The GEMTECH tracker is the perfect hunting silencer due to its comprehensive list of outstanding qualities.

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-Travis Bundy

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