Flash Hider vs. Muzzle Brake

Flash hiders have become common place on modern sporting rifles. They serve the sole purpose of mitigating or eliminating flash on a weapon to aid in night time operation of said weapon. Flash hiders come in a variety of styles. GEMTECH’s flash hider has been designed to maximize flash suppression when a silencer is not being used. The Flash hider is also engineered to not cause unnecessary wear on the internal components of the silencer.

Muzzle Brakes have gained popularity over the past few decades and are very common on modern sporting rifles being used for the shooting sports. GEMTECH’s muzzle brakes have been designed to reduce muzzle rise during firing and also mitigate felt recoil by the shooter. We have engineered our muzzle brakes to prevent unnecessary wear on the internal components of the silencer.

Our silencer mounting system utilizes a two or three lug mechanism. This system of mounting requires no ratcheting or levers. The two and three lug system is designed to have as little POI shift as possible and should return to zero when taken on and off.

Whether you choose a muzzle brake or a flash hider we know that once your silencer is mounted and you shoot with it, you won’t want to take it off. We do recommend removing the silencer periodically to clean the mounting surface however.

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